Carmelo Anthony is Michelangelo


Before you read this, just understand that this is nothing but a short rant of a basketball fan that has had enough of the garbage that is Carmelo Anthony’s game. I am not here to give you the details. If you’ve been watching the games, you simply understand what I am talking about.

I am infuriated these days when I watch the New York Knicks play. Linsanity ended the moment Melo laced ’em up again.

Not that Melo isn’t causing problems on the offensive end with his black hole style, but his offense was never my concern.

The problem with him has been and always will be on the defensive end. The dude just doesn’t try. I am sick of watching him float around instead of closing out on shooters he’s supposed to rotate to. It’s maddening to see him stand around instead of boxing out and going after the ball the way a man of his size at his position needs to. He, along with Amar’e (will have to save him for another day), has to be one of the worst defensive combinations in the league, if for no other reason than the total lack of effort.

The casual fans will want to see you score. The real fans are begging to see a defensive effort before anything else.

During the All-Star break, Stephen A. Smith asked Melo to name the top-five players in the league. He included himself along with Kobe, Lebron, Howard and KD.

On what planet?

Melo is a fitting name because that’s exactly what he is. He, in fact, is mellow on the court and there’s nothing intense about the dude’s game. It’s as if he’s just chilling out there until he gets his chance to shoot. You know who else is really chill? TMNT member Michelangelo. Melo should beam “Cowabunga dude!” whenever he makes a shot. At least it would be entertaining.

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